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Our stylists are on top of the latest and greatest trends and will recommend the right look during a quick consultation with you. Cool looks deserve cool products - so stop on by and browse our wide selection of haircare products! We carry the top products for kids (and parents), including Original Sprout, Circle of Friends, Glop & Glam, Zach's Wax, Fairy Tales, Biolage and Paul Mitchell. With choices like these, you’re sure to find a perfect match for everyone in your family!


Natural Shampoo    
  • Gentle pH of 6.0-7.0 to lock in your hue
  • Good on all hair types
  • Great for detangling and conditioning
  • Free from gluten, honey, soy, peanut or dairy



Deep Conditioner    
  • Works for all hair types and textures
  • Rich in moisture and protein
  • 100% vegan base



   Leave-In Conditioner    
  • Strengthens, softens and moisturizes
  • Pre-Swim and styling treatment
  • For all ages
  • Free from soy, honey, gluten, peanut or dairy
Island Bliss Shampoo    
  • Leaves skin soft, moist and smooth
  • No phytoestrogens lavender and tea tree, phthalates, clove and musk
  • Restores and protects delicate skin
  • Sulfate free and color safe


Hair & Body Babywash    
  • Leaves hair and skin clean and soft
  • Gentle pH for skin and hair of 6.0-7.0
  • Naturally helps remove cradle cap and eczema


Miracle Detangler    
  • For all ages
  • Great on all hair types and textures
  • Prevent breakage and helps with tangles


Curl Calmer    
  • Extra moisturizing for dry or sensitive hair
  • Supports against breakage
  • Free from honey, gluten, soy, peanut or dairy
  • 100% vegan base


Natural Hair Gel    
  • Offers thicker, smoother and healthy hair
  • Great for babies, children and adults
  • Frizz-Free
  • Great smooth hold for thick, luxurious hair


Tahitian Hair Oil    
  • Protects and extends color-treated hair
  • Light, clean hair and skin base
  • Instantly smoothens frizzes


Scruptious Baby Cream    
  • Leaves skin soft, moist and smooth
  • No phytoestrogens lavender and tea tree, phthalates, clove and musk
  • No Greasy Residue
  • Restores and protects delicate skin



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